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Mice/Will my mouse mourn the death of her cage mate?


Hi, I have 2 female fancy mice Piper and Indigo I bought them together so they were very close. Indigo passed away today and I am wondering what to expect, will Piper mourn her loss and if so what should I watch out for? They are only about 5 months old so should I get another mouse for Piper? Any information you can give me will be very appreciated. Thank you.

Dear Kayla,

I am sorry for your loss of Indigo :((

Yes, Piper is sad. And she is alone. These two things can lead to depression, illness, or mites. This is why I always recommend three females. Then when one dies, the others do mourn but the aren't alone.

Get two mice, the younger the better. When you put them together, do it in a clean cage and dab their necks and rumps with REAL vanilla flavoring. There may be some chasing and squeaking, and that is fine; no one is getting hurt. The only reasons you would have to separate them would be:

1. If there is blood.
2. If someone is depressed, lethargic, doesn't want to do anything.
3. If anyone is being blocked from accessing the water bottle, food, nest, or wheel.
4. If the chasing and squeaking is pretty much nonstop, or continues to be serious for several weeks.

Enjoy your little critters :)




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