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Mice/Ruby and Rogue (doxy and itching)


Hi Natasha,

Thank you so much for the links. I was able to find a different vet nearby, who put them on a regimen of Ciproflax and Doxycycline. She also put them on medicine for mites, because Ruby recently started pulling her hair out. She has never had any problems before, and I am still on their original bag of Carefresh bedding. I thought maybe she could be allergic to Doxycycline because she only started pulling her hair out after being on it. I will see if she improves and call the vet again if I need to. Judging by the Fun Mouse site, it looks a lot more like barberism than mites. Please let me know if you have any ideas as to what is going on! I am sure I could call the vet, I just wanted to see if you knew anything about Doxycycline allergies in mice.

I hope you're doing well! You advice has been doing wonders for me and my little girls!

All the best,

Dear Lindsay,

Yes, one side effect from doxycycline is itching.

Barbering looks sometimes subtly different from the hair loss from scratching. If you look closely, the fur will be cut off, at the skin or above, rather than pulled out.

Also, you can watch her and see if she is scratching.

If it does seem to be scratching, the vet can work with you to see if another antibiotic may work instead. Your vet outranks me : )




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