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Hello, I recently noticed one (out of four) of my mice has become very skinny very fast, I have gotten her to gain weight by feeding her peanuts and oats and other fattening foods. After checking up on her she seemed healthier. As I held her in my hand she sneezed ALOT and I woke up to her chirping as well as still sneezing. I looked things up and found she may have pneumonia so I also gave her a steam bath. I have separated her from my other mice. These methods have not stopped her sneezing and chirping, I hear Ornacycline could help but my mother refuses to buy it for me. She says it's probably her time to die (even though she is only young and all things point towards a upper respiratory infection that could be cured) is there anything else I could do to help?! Or anything that might make her more comfortable?

Dear Kassidy

The most effective thing you can do if you have a mom who won't pay for the vet or overnight shipping for meds- is to use Tetracycline from the FISH department of your pet store, or an aquarium shop. You need to do this as soon as humanly possible, because mice can die within a matter of hours.

Tetracycline is often sold as Fish Cycline. My answer to this person with a sneezing mouse will give you instructions on how to use it.

This is not the strongest medication, and is not as good as what the vet can give you, BUT it has saved lots and lots of mice, so she has a good chance. But you need to do this really as soon as possible.

I wish her the very best of luck for a speedy recovery.




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