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Mice/Is 30 gallon reptile tank suitable for mice?


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Hi Natasha

Believe it or not I still don't have any mice yet! I was planning to get them like a week ago now but we couldn't find a tank/cage in any pet shop and we couldn't find a good breeder, anyway I've found a breeder now and my mum has promised me that we will be getting mice soon but I also found what seems to be a pretty good tank to keep them in but I think it's a reptile tank. Here's a couple of pictures of it from Amazon, it's 30 inches long, 12 inches high and 12 inches wide, it comes with a sliding top with a lockable latch.

So my question is would this be suitable for mice? I want to get either two or three mice but I don't really want any more than three and i don't want any less than two because I like the idea of having more than one mouse living together anyway It's pretty long so i'd probably have to clear a space somewhere else because where I was planning to put it is too small but would this be ok.

I was also wondering whether the size would make it difficult to clean?
And would it be too heavey to pick up?

well thanks for answering :)

From Verity :D

Dear Verity,

Remember my video "my first mouse?" That is basically the tank I was using! A 30 gallon reptile tank-- which even calls itself a critter tank. In fact, you may find that it has two indentations at the top of the tank to hang the water bottles.  It isn't appropriate for fish because the glass is thinner, making it less heavy.Yes it is very appropriate. I switched only because I had the 4 story converted multi bird cage; and I traded the tank for a great cage for my dwarf rats.

It is heavy. I don't know how old you are, or how strong, but you may need help. It is long, so it is a little awkward. You have to be very deliberate and careful and concentrate on not dropping it. And you may not be able to carry it very long distances : ). Don't ever carry it with the mice inside.

Still I recommend it. And other than the weight, it is super easy to clean in the bath tub. You can use a mild dish soap, the less fragrance the better, or any kind of gentle cleaner-- often enough I just used water, because it made the mice feel at home to have a little bit of their smell in it, and it doesn't smell to humans unless we stick our faces into it. But as you turn it over as you wash it, you have to be very careful not to break it.

The main disadvantage of any tank is that the air doesn't circulate in it very well. So you have to make sure to clean it often enough that the urine cannot build up to irritate their respiratory passages and make them sick. The other disadvantage is that it is one level, and mice like to climb. I was able to fit a small bird playground into mine- I show it somewhat quickly in the video. It is good to build things they can climb over, around, and through.

Get three girl mice.  That way when one goes, the others have each other a mouse that is both sad and lonely is very much at risk for illness, depression, and mites. I always have between 3-5 because I get three at a time from my breeder. He doesn't necessarily have mice exactly when I want them. So when I get down to three I tell him I need mice sometime soon. Then I may get down to two, but hopefully not to one, by the time he has some girls for me.

You are going to love these little critters!

Squeaks n giggles,



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