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Mice/Baby wild mouse (eyes open) always sleeping


Dear Natasha,

I have found a baby wild mouse (deer mouse I think) in my basement that had its eyes cracked open already. I guessed it was about 14 days and probably starting to wean from info I've found online. I've been feeding it watery cream of wheat and apple slices. Its been doing well so far as I can tell but it seems to be sleeping almost all the time, day and night. I have a heating pad under the area of the critter cage I keep it in and it doesn't have much interest ever moving out of that area. I know very little about mice but I heard there was a "popcorn stage" the Mouse was supposed to have? I've had the mouse about 3 days with open eyes and it hasn't been doing much beside sleep. Is it possibly sick?

Thank you very much!


Dear Leen,

While it can actually take three days for mice to figure out that the world is scary, and they can start popcorning then, he sounds like he is a lot sleepier than he ought to be. I think you are right to suspect that he may be sick.

If it makes sense for you to get him to the vet, he ought to go. However, I understand that sometimes that is not possible or does not make sense.

Make sure he stays warm, and give him either kitten replacement milk, or soy baby formula. Assuming he is actually eating on his one, you can put it in a soda bottle lid so he won't drown. Otherwise use an eyedropper.

I wish him the very best of health and luck.




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