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Mice/Injured wild house mouse caught in a trap.


Hello, we found a mouse that was injured in a trap in nyc and is still alive. we picked him up and placed him in a little cage and gave him sunflower seeds, water and a little cushion for a bed. He seems to be drinking the water. He shakes, like convulses every couple of minutes. I don't want him to be in pain, what would the shaking mean? he is a really tiny mouse, only like 3 inches long. I feel so bad, we want him to be ok! what can we do?

Dear Michelle,

First, make sure the mouse is warm. The first thing that happens when a mouse gets sick is that it loses its ability to keep itself warm. You can put a heating pad on low, with a towel on top, under part of the cage (it needs to be able to escape the heat if it is too much).

Second, give it something calorie-rich to drink. Something like Ensure or soy baby formula or even, in a pinch, a little bit of (if possible not dairy) milk mixed with a tiny bit of syrup or honey.

Third, put the cage in a nice, dark, quiet place where the mouse can be less terrified.

We don't have any idea what all has happened to the mouse so far-- nor do we know what internal injuries it may have sustained from the trap- So we can't know its survival prognosis. If you follow the three steps above, you are giving the mouse the best chance it can have.

I wish the little guy the very best of a speedy recovery and good health.




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