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Mice/Mouse dies after ear wart treatment?-- Need More Info



I had a question about my son's mice. He has 5 female mice. After piglet died we got Graypaw. Piglet died after I saw a vet about blood in her ear. The vet said it could be a tumor or a wart. I got the meds and did as was told. The wart thing fell off and she died 4 days after. Now all but Graypaw have blood in there ear. they itch like crazy. Oreo is loosing fur on her face and the other two just seem to scratch like her.They were all bought from different litters. We clean all of their stuff thoroughly every three days. I don't know what to do.

Dear Lynda,

Let me start by saying quite bluntly-- I do not know. I don't have any medical training; the health issues I can help with easily are the common ones. However, I like to give special attention to mice who already went to the vet, since I can't exactly just say "go to the vet." And I have a lot of very knowledgeable rodent friends.

But I need some more information, because the situation sounds very confusing. First, any photos would be extremely helpful. I really want to see these ears.

If you just told me you had a some itchy mice with bloody ears I would help you to figure out whether it is mites, allergies, too much protein, etc, figuring the blood was from scratching. There is also a good possibility that the itching and the wart have no connection. And even the death could be from various things. I want to try to tease this out.

Please try to answer some questions for me:

1. How did the original mouse look? It looked like she had a wart?
2. Where was the blood coming from? Was it coming from the (possible) wart?
3. What was the medication? Did she take it orally, or was it applied to her skin?
4. What did it look like when this thing "fell off?" What was under it?
5. Were there any signs that she was unwell before she died? Or did she just not wake up one day? What exactly did happen during the time between the vet visit and the death of the mouse?
6. What training does this vet have? Is s/he an exotics or pocket pets vet?
7. Is there any difference between how the three mice look now, and how Graypaw looked before the vet visit? Do they have warts?

8. Next, could you call the vet and tell them the mouse died, and see the reaction? We do not know if it is a good or bad vet, but this is helpful no matter which.

9. Was Graypaw itching and scratching like the others are now?

Hopefully even if I cannot get you the whole answer, I can help with part, and help you to decide whether to return to that vet or whether you should go to another, if need be.

You and I both have our homework to do now. I'll be waiting for your reply with more information.

Hold tight, little mice!




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