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Mice/finding a breeder.


QUESTION: Natasha,

I am getting mice for my daughter she has been begging for them. I have done quiet a bit of research on how to care for them. But it seems there is alot less info on types/breeds of mice.(or maybe im not looking in the right place) I am getting a few mice given to me for free. They seemed healthy when i saw them the other day. But i dont know how old they are or their true health. So i was going use these little ladies to see if we can handle and enjoy the little ones as much as we are hoping.

And in that time i would like to find a local breeder and maybe some little ladies to bring home to our family. I would appreciate any input on how to find a breeder what to look for when i do. And maybe some info on the different breeds of mice out their?

Thanks so much for your time and expertise!!!


ANSWER: Dear Michael,

There are no different species of pet mouse. In fact, the mice you might have living in your attic are the same species as pet store mice and privately bred mice. There are many species in the wild; a field mouse for example. Pet mice do have different coloring, fur length, and fur type. For instance, there is Siamese.

In fact, if your cage is not mouse safe and you do have house mice, you may end up with babies you didn't plan on. And first generation hybrid mice are notably crazy!

It is wonderful that you have been researching. The very best website to go to is the Fun Mouse.

It has everything you need to know!

As for finding a breeder, there is no comprehensive list, because breeding is a private hobby and breeders come and go too quickly. In any case, if you tell me where you are, I can ask around- but it is a lot harder to find mouse breeders than, say, rat breeders. Which is hard enough. However, having rat friends makes it easier for me because some people do both.

Do write back and I will do my best to find you a breeder.

Squeaks n giggles,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I live near st louis Missouri on the Illinois side... thanks ill look at that site a little more...


I will post the question on a few sites/ in a few groups. If it takes me a few days to get back to you, I apologize. I am in the middle of a rat emergency. I will help ASAP.

I may be listed as "on vacation" for a few days on the site.



- nothing so far. One person says " I know there are a couple in Kansas..." do you want me to follow up?



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