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     I have been in love with fascinating little creatures since childhood. Now at age 24, the feeling has never wavered.
    Of course I want to make sure this is the right thing for me, for the animals sake. I worry about the heat in summer and I don't exactly have decent AC. Eighty degrees at maximin if I am not mistaken. But if the heat was to exceed that, I worry.
     My question is, would a frozen ice pack or marble cooling tiles be a sufficient back up incase the heat was to exceed their safety temp.? I ask this first because I worry very much of their well being and just want to do the right thing.
    Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate it very much.

Dear Cassidy,

It is extremely rare that I tell someone not to get a mouse- this is only the third time in 3,000 questions. :( but 80 degrees is much too hot. My mice will tell you that even 75 degrees is too much; they lie around on the cage floor looking like they have melted. One summer when the power went out in NYC where I lived, I was out of electricity for 2 days with them (after that I was able to get them to a friend). Luckily I had a lot of ice in my freezer; I filled a mug with ice (later on I have used a glass bottle with a gel ice pack in it) and changed it every hour. They draped themselves around it unhappily. I don't know how much longer they would have been able to take it. Mice can die of heatstroke easily.

Another big problem with an ice pack is that they would chew through it.

I am sorry. I hope that you can get an AC soon and get mice. They are very rewarding.

Idea: Gerbils are desert animals. Try researching their temperature needs.




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