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Mice/Is the little bubble pouch the babies tummy?


QUESTION: I've been able to learn everything I need to know to assist this poor baby mouse from your information and I'm thankful for this information.  After looking at the pictures I'd guess that the little baby mouse is 5 to 6 days old.  My question is abot the survival rate for caring for this little baby mouse.  I've read that the mouse has a 50-50 chance but that's for a mouse that's older.  I'm wondering if you've known any mice that have been saved at only 5 to 6 days old. I'm going to continue to care for it no matter what but I just wanted to know if it's possible to actually save him and if you've known any to survive at this age.I'm also curious if there's anyway to find out what kind of mouse I'm caring for.  It's nest came from a huge field so I was thinking maybe field mice but I don't know if there are differant kinds?

ANSWER: Dear Aleda,

Yes it does. I have had people successfully raise mice from day one!

There are a number of species called field mice. For instance, the white-footed mouse and the deer mouse are each called a field mouse; but so is a meadow vole! I couldn't find a good photo comparison (I thought I had one somewhere ) and the only one I found just now the mice were dead. :(.

Here is a description of the white footed mouse and the deer mouse as compared to the house mouse. Sorry, no photos (don't be tricked by the picture of a decal):

And here are some absolutely awesome photos of meadow voles, as a consolation prize ;)

Best of luck and good health to the little tyke :)



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QUESTION: I can't even begin to thank you for all your help?  When it comes to baby mice I am a 100% clueless so your help has saved this little guy.  So he's made it through his second night. He's pooping well and I'm able to get KMR in him in the feedings.  He isn't peeing much at all maybe 2 times yesterday and when I check his skin I can tell he's really dehydrated.  I've started mixing pedialyte with his KMR hoping to get him hydrated. He peed this morning so hopefully the pedialyte will work.  My question is that while reading through all the information I've read that people should be able to see the formula in the mouse's tummy but I've looked and I guess I just don't know what and where to look because I can't see it.  The mouse has a little bubble like pouch that seems to get bigger but I don't know if that's it's stomache because it's down by his little privates.  Is that the little guy's stomache or is something wrong with it?It seems to get bigger after his feedings but like I said I'm clueless when it comes to mice.

Dear Aleda,

It depends on how much fur the pup has. I was under the impression that he had very little fur. If he is still pretty pink, you can actually see a white band through his skin. But if he has fur you won't be able to see that. In that case the 'bubble' you are talking about is probably his little tummy. After all, if he is peeing and pooping, you must have gotten it in the right place.

If he is dehydrated, you need to give him mostly pedialyte. Use 80-20 (pedialyte-formula) until he is no longer dehydrated. It is very dangerous for him to be dehydrated.

By the way, I was wrong that the adorable pictures were a meadow vole. The little ears confused me. But voles have little short tails. That mouse is a harvest mouse. Sorry about that!

I wish him the very best of luck.




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