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I got a new female mouse today because another one I had escaped and my remaining female mouse is lonely. I got one at Petco and kept it separate for now. But when I got home I noticed it was dragging it's back leg and released it was completely broken. What do I do now? It is also very afraid of me and tried to bite if I try to pick it up? I really am not sure if I want to return her after just getting her so soon, but not sure what I should do.

Dear Fyrefly,

If you bring her back, they will put her down. Just so you know what the choice is :(.

It would truly be a rare vet who could help a mouse with a broken leg, though you could try.

If it were me, I would simply let the mouse heal on her own. Mice are pretty adaptable, and she does not know that this doesn't happen to every mouse. So if it does not end up useable, she will figure out how to get around. Three legged mice are just fine. One of my questioners had a three legged mouse named Miracle, who won a hamster ball race! She will look strange, but once the pain is gone she will not care about the leg.

She may be skittish because she is in pain. Give her a drop of children's Liquid Tylenol or ibuprofen 2-3 times a day for 4 days to ease the pain. You will have to use a treat that she will finish. One option is a salted and buttered piece of popcorn- no mouse can resist that! Another option is if you can mix some peanut butter with soy milk or rice milk or even water, into a liquid so she does not choke. You will only need to use a tiny bit so that she is sure to finish it. Of course take her cage mate out until she has finished her treat.

Hint on mixing: put a bit of peanut butter in a little bowl. Then add one drop of the liquid. Mix. Continue to add small amounts of liquid, but more and more until you get a liquid. If you try it the opposite way- peanut butter into liquid- if will become a soup with chunks of PB.

While she is healing, I would not pick her up. But put your hand in the cage often, sometimes with treats and sometimes without. Once she is probably out of pain- I am hoping she is fine after 4 days- you can start handling her. I hope she is pretty tame, but I am going to give you a post with extremely detailed instructions for how to tame a scared mouse. She may go through the steps very quickly.

Let me know how she does. I hope she adapts well.




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