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Hi Natasha

I was wondering now that Misty's gone if Bambi and Lunar would be ok together or do you think I should get another mouse to be with them. I don't want them to miss her or be sad without her and I liked having three mice but I don't want to feel like I'm replacing her, so do you think I should get another one so that the other two aren't too sad.

I feel terrible that I didn't keep giving her the Baytril but the vet never said how long we were supposed to keep giving her the Baytril and she said that she should be better by the weekend and she made it sound like that if she got better then we should should stop giving it to her and the vet never once said that we were supposed to give it to her for 10-14 days. I wish that I had asked you about it earlier.

So anyway I was just wondering if you think it would be best to get another mouse.

Well thanks for answering :)

From Verity

Dear Verity,

What an absolutely idiotic vet. Find another one next time! Of course a person would think you give the meds till the mouse is better. But it is just like for humans. We have to take the full course of antibiotics too. That is so tragic.

It is important to never have less than two mice, which does mean you want to keep it at three or above so that when one does go, there isn't a mouse left who is not only sad by also lonely. That mouse would be likely to get sick and/or get mites; and often get depressed. So you are definitely doing the right thing.

The other mice will just be happy (perhaps after a while) to have a new friend. And you are not replacing her in your heart. You are getting to know yet another super wonderful mousie friend. If a friend of yours left school/work (I don't know how old you are :) ) and a new student/ employee came, would you feel guilty if that person was super nice and seemed to want to be friends?

It is always best to get a baby mouse, though of course if you fall in love with a bigger one that is fine. Put all three in a clean cage and see what happens. There may be a whole lot of chasing and squeaking intermittently for a week! Remember pretty much  the only reasons to separate them are:

1. If there is blood.
2. If the chasing and squeaking is constant (remembr to give them a break by picking someone up when they are at it)
3. If someone is depressed, lethargic
4. If someone is blocked from wheel, nest, food, or water

I wish all the mice good luck and good friendship!




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