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Hi Natasha,
So I've had my pet mouse for about a little over a year. About a few weeks ago I've noticed my mouse making weird noises. At first it was only for a day but a few days later the sounds got worse. It seems like shes sneezing and sometimes it seems as though she's chirping maybe? I also noticed that around one of her eyes it is pink and kinda swollen? As of now she doesn't have it but I'm afraid it might come back. She also has been losing a LOT of weight and one time I remember that when I held her it seemed like she kinda had some seizure or something by spazzing. There is also a spot on her back that is a bit pinkish and it seems that she is losing hair on that spot as well. It is located a bit near the back of the ear but technically on her back. I looked some stuff up and I realized that she may have allergies to the pine bedding that I used, but I've used this bedding before and she had no issues with it. For now I put her in a separate container with shredded scratch printer paper I dont need anymore. I also only started giving her rice today seeing that she may be allergic to some kind of food, but like the bedding she had no issues with it before. I'm afraid it may already be too late because the noises she makes has gotten worse and I can see the major difference between my sick mouse and my other mouse that is healthy as can be. I also can not take her to a vet because my mother does not want to spend a ridiculous amount of money for a pet we only bought for five dollars. Please help me regarding this, I am very worried.

Dear Heather,

You are very right to be worried. She sounds extremely sick. FIRST make sure she is very, very warm. Then, if you really can't get to the vet....

...Ask your mom: If we paid someone $5 for their poodle and it got sick, would we take it to the vet?... It is not the purchase price that counts. It is the heart within, and mice have big, big hearts. They don't deserve to suffer or die just because we sell them cheaply...

... Then it will not be easy to save her. The vet not only has better antibiotics than you can get OTC, they also can give her a fast booster shot of antibiotics to get her started.  The vet would also at this point put her on two different kinds of antibiotics, but I can only give you one.

The way to help her with an over the counter remedy is to get some tetracycline made for fish. In the following post I am helping a mouse with an eye problem, but all you need are the instructions for the tetracycline.

You may see a definite change within a day or two.  Keep her on the med for two weeks. Her friend can drink it too.

At the same time at the pet store, pick up a bottle of 8-in-1 rodent flea and tick spray. The bird spray works too; it is less strong. Don't use it just yet.

Write back to me a little over a day after her first dose of the tetracycline and let me know how she is. She probably does need to be treated for mites. But that can wait a couple of days, unless she is nonstop scratching.

We can also explore the allergy issue when you write back. I just want to get her on medication ASAP.

Write back... And good luck and health to her.




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