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Mice/Wild mice in a tank start nesting


I recently caught 5 wild mice in my apartment and made them a home in a huge fish tank.  My question is that for the most part 4 of them run around along. One of them stays in the little homeunless its hungry. The other day i cleaned out the tank completely and put in fresh paper and s stuff washed the tank now when they were put back in and their little home there was a couple of the mice who immediately started dragging the cloth and paper inside of it. Now could they just be doing that because the home thinking is see through or could one of the mice be pregnant? We have had them going on 3 weeks now and they just started doing this a few days ago.

Dear Stacey,

You are right that it could be either one. But if they didn't do it the last time, it is more likely that someone is pregnant. Three weeks is just long enough. You should give them some extra protein such as scrambled egg.

I don't know what the rest of your plans are for these guys, but if you handle the babies, have fun with them :) I would love a tame "wild" mouse!

Good luck and good health to them all.




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