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I live in a room in a workers hostel, provided by my employers. A mouse has been getting into the bathroom via a hole and coming into the room. I don't mind this. The room is large and has 5 beds in it for workers, 'though I'm the only one in it. I noticed tonight that there's a mouse nest in one of the vacant beds. I don't want to harm the mice, but would like to get them out of the room asap, and block up the hole so no more can get in. When will it be ok for me to do this. Usually, if I move around the mouse would run into the bathroom, and leave. I had a look at the baby mice, most have fur, and are still curled up. I live in Malta

Dear Timothy,

This is a bit of a problem. On the one hand, if you wait for them to be weaned, you may have a hard time catching them to remove them. On the other hand, if you try to relocate the whole nest you are going to have a hard time relocating the mom with them.

However, I think I have a solution.

My recommendation is, when mom has disappeared into the bathroom, pick up the entire nest with the babies and put it in a nice, little, shallow box with bedding such as Kleenex. Put the box in the bathroom near her hole; close the door and stuff newspaper under it; and don't bother them overnight. Give her a good at least 8 hour time frame. She will decide where she wants to bring her pups to, and they should be gone when you come back.  After investigating carefully to make sure the nest has not been moved elsewhere indoors, seal up the hole. Happily, it is warm in Malta so you do not have to feel guilty about evicting them.

If they are still in the box after a day, leave them there-- it is better to have the nest in the bathroom than in the bed, right? And I do not think she will keep them there long. If she does you will have the most adorable sight; and maybe you will make a friend or pet.  

Thank you for caring about the little mice! Let me know how she reacts :)

squeaks n giggles,



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