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Hi Natasha,
So I have had 3 female mice: Jerry, Joey and junior :) sadly, two of them passed away this year. Jerry passed just about a week ago. Last night, I noticed that Junior seemed really down. He slept all day and night. His fur is scruffy and messy. He also didnt eat very much. I tried to cheer him up with his favorite treat, some peanut butter. But he didnt want to eat any. Which is weird, because he has never turned down peanut butter. Him and Jerry were inseparable. What do you think is wrong? How can I make him better?

Dear Lily,

I am a little confused as to gender. So I will answer for each.

If Junior is a male, he will not allow another friend, and needs you badly. He needs lots and lots of love. Hold him as much as possible. Keep him on your shoulder or sleeve as you watch TV or anything you can do with him. You are his only mouse friend. Mice actually do die sometimes of a broken heart. And watch carefully for signs of illness or mires, both of which he is prone to as a lonely and depressed mouse.

If Junior is a female, then she needs two more friends as fast as possible. Until you can get them, act as above with a male. But she needs mouse love ASAP.

While he is scruffy, you should take care of his toilette for him. Take a soft, flat bristled toothbrush and gently comb his fur. Check his underside to make sure he has no urine on him, which would need to be gently washed off.

It is also possible that he is already sick. Bringing him to the vet now would identify that and treat it as soon as possible. You can probably wait two days to see if he seems to be better; but I cannot 100% guarantee that he isn't sick and could pass before then. So a vet visit is a good thing. If he is still scruffy and has not changed for the better after 2 days he should go to the vet. Of course if he gets worse at all, even though you are showering him with love, he must go to the vet immediately.

Warning- a mouse can easily choke on peanut butter. Even people choke on it pretty frequently. Always water it down-- I use rice milk-- to a pourable consistency. Or spread it extremely thin onto something.

I wish little Junior the very best of luck and health.




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