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Mice/Giving mouse Baytril for resp. Infection



I wrote 4 months ago but have a different question this time.

One of my mice is 81g. She chirps a lot -- usually when she is sleeping or trying to sleep. I have 10% Baytril which I would like to give her as I think she has a RI, but she shares a cage with another mouse who is only 36g. I am not sure how to administer the Baytril to her without affecting the other mouse who shows no symptoms of an RI, nor am I sure how much of a dose to give her.

Any help would be great!

Thanks so much.

Dear Ivy,

That is one big mouse! You will give her the Baytril orally. For such a chubby little chick, you want to avoid the usual treat that I would suggest to mask the flavor, so you will have to scruff her.  Pick her up by the back of the neck, where it is just skin and fur. It doesn't hurt; that's how her mom used to carry her. If you do it right, her mouth will open and you will be able to drop it on.

One drop twice a day for two weeks.

If you really can't get it into her, or it seems that with the extra weight it might hurt, then smear it onto her fur where she will wash it off, for instance on her side where she can reach it easily to lick it off.

I wish her the best of luck and health.




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