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Mice/Mouse squints with one eye


QUESTION: Hey Natasha,
Its Emily with Honey, Molly, Lily and Pip!
I had Honey and Lily in a 10 gallon tank and noticed Honeys eyes squinting almost all the time but Lilys eyes are bright and big. Iv tried different bedding from aspen to softwood and even used paper pulp and her eyes never opened up more. So..... i then invested in a open 2 level wire cage thinking the glass was limiting the ventilation of fresh air could be the problem. After having the new cage for several weeks now Honeys eyes have gotten a little better but i still she her squinting every other day. What could be wrong!?
Emily and the girls.

ANSWER: Hi  Emily,

It is hard to know.  Does she have red eyes? Mice with red eyes squint a lot more because the light bothers them. Black eyes should always be little round balls.

Is it a change or has it been the same from the beginning?

Can you send a photo?

Will you be able to get her to the vet if it seems like an infection?

I'll try to help further with those answers.

Squeaks n giggles,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: She doesnt have red eyes. When i first gor her she was just a baby and her eyes were fine and stayed fine until she got fully grown thats when her eye started out really bad, she would barely open it. Its not both eyes either, its just one. I might be hard for me to get her into the vet only because money is an issue right now but if you think it might be best to get her checked out then i will when the money is there. If you believe a product out there could help i will try it but if it seems to you her eye is that concering, my best intentions is to seek help for her. She seems completely healthly, and she is very active, running on her wheel and running up and down the levels. Her eye doesnt seem to bother her to an extent but i cant imagine its fun squinting almost all the time. I tried taking a piture of her squinting but she doesnt do it when im holding her.
Thank you so much in advance!
Emily and the girls(:

Dear Emily,

She should go to the vet. However, as you are trying to get the money, you can hopefully help her at home.

There are two methods of soothing eyes and possibly fighting infection, using tea bags.

One is with a black tea bag. In this case you seep it in cold water and use it immediately, holding it against her eye for five minutes.

The other is with a chamomile tea bag. In this case you seep it in water that was not quite boiling, or which has cooled down a bit, or boiling water in which you have added cold water, 3 hot to 1 cold. This you also hold on her eye for five minutes.

To tell the truth I have never done this, but I have been told they don't mind. While you are holding her that way, massage her body rather than just holding her still. It will be easier that way, and also she will learn to like massage, which is a great way to interact with her later, possibly causing her to break into a purr, which is not audible but feels like another vibration :).

Of course if her eye is better you can call off the vet visit. But it may be that the tea just soothes but there is an infection which needs to be treated. The vet may need to give you antibiotic eye drops.

You would find a vet trained in "pocket pets" or "exotics."

Squeaks and best of luck and health to her -- and let me know what happens--



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