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Mice/Little success raising wild mice :(


QUESTION: Dear Natasha,
The 7-8 days was just a guess since they start building nests at 2 weeks before birth....I or technically my cat found her in a crack in my wall the one place i didn't think to mouse proof.
i set out food and water and have seen her alot but i can't reach her and princess(my mouse trained cat) hasn't even caught her, how do i get her out of the wall?


Just keep setting the food out and the live trap. She has to come out to eat. Give her a water dish too.



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QUESTION: Dear Natasha,
I hate to say this but i went to the store the other  day, and when i came home....... the mouse was on my bed. i tried not to cry but i couldn't help it so i buried her in the front yard and cried over her grave, so what am i to do now? should i keep it up and keep saving or give up and wait til i'm older because I've had no success lately or should i keep on going because even when it seems the odds are against these mice, i'm the only one who will save them; Natasha i hope this doesn't hurt you as bad as it did me ... and please help i'm not sure what to do.

Dear Jada,

Aww, that is too bad. It would have been hard to keep a litter of mice under control, though. They hop around like crazy and you wouldn't have the advantage of socializing them like with tame mice.

It does sound like it just isn't working out in general.

How about getting some pet mice? Will your parents let you do that? You can save up for a nice big cage for them.

Are you old enough to volunteer in person at a rescue shelter for all animals? They always need people. You don't need to be old enough to work, to volunteer.

What about convincing your science teacher to get a mouse? You could assume primary responsibility for it. One male; or 2-3 females. Or if you have a homeroom teacher.

Also.. Study your science well. I think you may want to be a vet.

I'm sorry you lost her. Of course you cried. We all cry when we lose our beloved critters. Many pet owners like to say our loved ones have gone. "Over the Rainbow Bridge." On the other side is everything that pet ever wanted- their favorite treats, friends, a wonderful place to live. Certainly there are no cats over this mouse's Bridge; and she is having her babies in a nice field where her babies can romp in the grass with all of the other little ones you gave your best to. Maybe they needed a mom.




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