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Hiya, Maybe you can help me. My mice have recycled paper kitty litter lining the base of their cage and I've noticed that they dig alot of it up, although only near where the plastic ramp and plastic mouse wheel touch it? Its as if they dont want it to touch the plastic? They havnt really got an issue with the litter itself as I see them snuggling in it all the time, it just in this spot, and when I even it out in the morning, they end up doing it again. It's not a big issue at all, I'm honestly just curious :)
Thanks in advance,

Dear Natasha,

In other words, every day you mess up their hard work and they have to fix it again! Lol

Mice are wonderful and industrious little landscapers. They have their own plans for their cage and they can be tenacious about making it just right. Why have they chosen those two spots? I don't know. My mice usually pile their litter in their wheel, so I have to clean it out every day so they can use the wheel!

Enjoy their antics :)

Squeaks n giggles,



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