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Mice/Mouse testicles growing, darkened



I am not sure but I guess my male mouse is having abscess.He is 2 years old.let me know of any ointment that can cure it.Also i want to know if there is something more serious to it of which i m not aware of.I am sending you pics as well.
And from past 2 months it seems that his bottom has become big in size.May be its normal with ageing but lemme know if its something else.

Dear Mia,

I really hate to give such bad news, but the testicle swelling is very bad. I could not see the abscess at all in the blurry photo, but it is the other problem which is serious. The mouse MUST go to the vet IMMEDIATELY.

I have seen this once, in a rat (in photo and discussion with knowledgeable rat people). Very sadly, what I remember is that it was cancer and the rat had to be put to sleep. In another case someone told me about, a rat with this condition was treated by neutering and lived another 7 months; cancer was diagnosed in that case as well.

Your little guy might be in extreme pain. Mice do not show pain. I recommend getting a bottle of children's liquid Ibuprofen, or of you can't find that, children's liquid Tylenol, and giving him one drop every six hours. The ibuprofen may even help slow down the swelling.

Please bring him to a "pocket pets" or "exotics" vet immediately. The poor little guy :(.




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