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Mice/Mouse wheezing


Hi Natasha! Sapna here!

I couldn't find "Ask a follow up question" option so posted a new question.

First of all, Thank you so very much for helping me out dear!

You will be happy to know that little mice are doing good improvement after olive oil treatment :)
They behave so energetic now. Atleast the one who is well.
And I am happy to see them recovered. All thanks to you! :)

The furs on their head started growing again.
I haven't gave any other treatment after that.

As I told you earlier that I've got amoxycillin, but I am a bit confused whether it is used for mice or human.
Because of the confusion I didnt give them amoxycillin.

You know the one who was well has started WHEEZING now-a-days, she does it while lying down and not during play or roaming time.
Tell me what to do about it?

Ya, I am trying to contact the VETs in India. Hopefully, will be succeded in that.

And seriously Natasha, I am extremely thankful to you that you are so much concerned about little mice :)

Dear Sapna,

I am glad the olive oil worked. I had never suggested it for a mouse before, and I was nervous. But if they didn't end up with diarrhea, that is terrific.

That poor mouse needs her antibiotics quickly.  I don't have our previous conversation in front of me, so I don't remember which drugs you have available,  but I would like her to have amoxicillin and Baytril, or Amoxicilin and doxycycline. This link about rat respiratory infections includes the dosages per pound for rats. You have your work cut out for you in figuring out what the right mouse dosages are in the amount, concentration, and form that you have. Calculate higher rather than lower. It isn't easy to overdose but it is dangerous to underdose.

Give her these meds twice a day for two weeks. She should sound better within three days, but she needs to take the complete two week course. Any amoxicillin that you mix with a liquid will be only good for two weeks.

Best of luck and health to the little mice.




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