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Cameron wrote at 2013-07-03 04:24:33
Hello, I agree with Natasha. Sadly, male mice rarely live together successfully. But there are sometimes when they do, it mostly depends on the mice's personalities. The best option though, is to separate them and place them in their own tanks. It will save you and them a lot of stress.

It is dangerous to introduce unrelated male mice together. It will usually result with one or all mice severely wounded or even killed. The male mice you see at pet stores that use their mice for reptile food, they have not developed any hormones or become territorial because most of the time they are weak, sick, and grew up in small containers with hundreds of other mice. Mice that are brothers may not fight to the death but one will always be constantly harassed by the other. This may not lead to death immediately for the mouse being bullied but he will be more susceptible to diseases, weaker, and likely have a shorter life span.

I have heard and read of scenarios though, where male mice have been kept together successfully. Here is a link to a helpful website,

If you do choose to try and house the brothers together. You must know that male mice are VERY territorial and jealous of each other. Try to give them as much space, and set up their housing symmetrically, have 2 or 3 of everything. For example, have 1 mouse home on one side of the tank and one home on the other side, place one plastic wheel on one side and one on the other side, etc. Try to have a total of 3 plastic wheels and food dishes in the tank, male mice are specifically very territorial about those two objects. If you can, try to give the brothers a weekly bath together in your shower or tub, only 1 or 2 inches of water at the max, any sign of drowning immediately remove or assist the mouse. This builds their friendship and removes some of the tension between them, because they are too frightened to fight or defend their rank and also are forced to support/huddle with each other.

What I do to keep male mice together:

I keep SOME of my male mice, total of 5, in an extra bath tub in my guest bedroom. When tension begins to build up between them (more squeaking, more fights without injuries, and in general more harassment/bullying). I remove all the toys, wheels, houses, etc and turn on the water. I let them sock for 20 minutes and swim for 5-10 minutes for exercise. Mean while, I completely clean and spray perfume all their toys, houses, wheels, etc. I take all of them out, and dry them off with a towel, all at the same time. Never separate the males unless there are wounds or extreme amounts of bullying, it is much more difficult to reintroduce them! This works for me a 100%, even though they are all not related (all rescues from my local Petco and Pet Store). Anything is possible with patience and hard work, you just must be ready for the challenge and follow through.

Either way, I wish you luck with your mice brothers and may they both live a long and mouse happy life! Best of luck!

- Cameron  


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