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This is when we first found it
This is when we first  
I'm 15 yrs. old and I just found what I think is a baby mouse/ fetus almost. It is so not fully developed yet and I'm not sure how to keep it alive. It moves a lot and it is probably only 1 in. Long spread out. I am sure that it is premature. I just need to know how to help it. I have it in a coffee filter laying on top of cotton under a lamp to keep it warm. I have been feeding it water because when I found it all the pet stores were closed. I NEED HELP ASAP PLEEAASEEE

Dear Mikayla,

You found an infant mouse pup, shortly after birth but already nursed once, as I can tell from the white tummy-- the "milk band" where you can see the milk in its tummy. You want it to look like that pretty much all the time.

In my profile there is an URL (you have to cut and paste) to a set of ten videos 1/10 to 10/10 (backwards order) about raising mouse pinkies. You can learn what you need from them-- and you are going to have to nurse it every two hours around the clock: Yes; 12 times a day. I hope someone will help you.

Water is at least keeping It hydrated, but of course it needs formula. You can use soy infant formula if you can'y get KMR. Water it down by half with pedialyte for the first week.

Thank you for caring for the little pup. I have known infant pups who have been found on day one and thrived, but this is a tough job. Being a mouse mom is very hard, and you must not blame yourself if the little tyke doesn't make it.

If it does make it, these hand nursed mice make absolutely amazing pets! They are incredibly loving and loyal.

Best of luck, health, and strength to the little one.




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