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Hello Natasha

My daughter told me to ask my question here...she has given to me her three mice who I have been mice-sitting for 5 days.  I am about to leave for 3 days, and then will return the mice to my daughter after that.  She will return in the interim but will not be able to pick up the mice until I return.

How do I set up feeding?  I know that I will make sure the water is full before I go.  Do I just put out 3 days food and forget about it?


Hi Dad :)

Not just three days of food, five days' worth, some scattered throughout the litter. Two water bottles if possible. If you have only one, then celery and carrots for moisture just in case.

Remember, mice need comfortable temperatures like you do, or they will get sick. You do have to leave the heat or AC on.

Scour the area for possible, though unlikely problems. Could the cage fall? Could something fall on it? Are there other animals? If so, make sure that door clicks when you close it. Make sure the cage is not in sunlight or in a draft. Close the windows. Make sure the cage is closed very securely.

Three days is pretty much the limit for leaving  them, but it is ok.

Squeaks n giggles,



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