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Mice/Lily has a lump!


Hey Natasha its Emily again,
I feel like iv been asking you so many questions lately and I hope im not a bother, im just a bit overwhelmed now that my girls are creeping up on their last months with me on this earth.
Im in the process of saving money to get a better cage for Molly and Pip so they can get the best air circulation possible. Also im worried about Lily. Iv been spending alot more time with her now and iv noticed she scratches herself alot more. I heard this is a way of releasing stress is this true? Also, two days ago she has gotten a quite large lump on the side of her neck. There isnt anymore hair over it anymore and i though she caused this lump by scratching so much but then i read that it could be an abscess. Any ideas and if it is an abscess what is it and what causes it?

Thanks, Emily

Dear Emily,

Uh-oh, it is time for Lily to go to the vet. There are a number of reasons for skin issues: mites, allergies, mange, ringworm, etc. A vet should see her and diagnose and treat in the most appropriate way. And if the lump is an abscess, the vet can aspirate it and give her antibiotics to cure the infection.

Can you get her to a good "exotics" or "pocket pets" vet?




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