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Hi there - I need a definitive, reliable answer on whether or not, truthfully, 2 male mice can harmoniously live together in the same cage and if being brothers or relations makes any difference to the answer! As I'm sure you know there are SOOOO many supposed facts out there on whether 2 male mice can or cannot safely live together in the same cage without fighting and I don't know who or what I should believe! What IS the truth of the matter? Do they or do they not fight? If you can give me a DEFINITE answer on this for SURE, I would much appreciate it! Thank you. Sairra x X x

Hi Sairra,

In almost all circumstances, male mice will fight to the death. Never even try to put two males together. They may get along when they are young, but it will not last.

The one circumstance that they *may*-- not *will,* but *may*-- live together peaceably is either brothers, or a father -son pair, who *have never been separated.*

Pet store attendants often may not know this, because the only malthani a pet store are usually young siblings who have never been separated.  I would rather think that pet store attendants don't know, rather than that they just want to sell more mice, and later, another cage and equipment when the boys have to be separated.

The one other exception, you will never see. And that is the mice that my breeder breeds who are little puddles of furry love. They barely move, let alone fight. Perfect show mice.

Now you have absolutely the definitive answer, and you know why people are confused.

Squeaks n giggles,



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