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Mice/Are my mice drinking water?


Hi Natasha :3
Whisp and Aspen are both really active! Sometimes Whisp will run Aspen off the wheel though, so i usually have to take her out and set her on my spare wheel so Aspen has a chance to run :) Since they've been so active, I was wondering how I could tell if they were drinking their water or not? How long can mice live without water, and even though i've never seen them using their water bottle, is there a way for me to tell if they're still drinking? I've seen them sniffing the bottle and rummaging around it, so I think they know it's there? Thanks again Natasha!

Dear Rachel,

I always have at least two wheels per cage :)

To make sure they understand the water bottle, put butter on the tip. They will figure it out. Another way is to give them a bowl of water and see whether they drink a ton because they are thirsting, or not really care. As for living without water-- they do great. It is cruel of course, but they can go 5 days. Mice are much more hardy than rats!

Squeaks n giggles,



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