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I have two female mice, Dot and Spot. I got them on December 26, 2012. Recently (in the past week, I was at camp so I don't know what day) Dot got some kind of injury on the back of her neck. My dad (no expert, but has worked with rodents before) thinks it looks like she got attacked. Should I separate the two mice? They have never fought before. And what should I do about the injury, I don't have a vet near me who works with small animals, but I do not want it to get infected.

Dear Becca,

I am so sorry to take so long to answer this :(

Don't separate the mice unless you have more evidence of trouble between them. To preempt infection you can get a bottle of Tetrcycline meant for fish, often called Fish Cycline. Get the capsules. Put the contents of one capsule in a large water bottle; shake well. Put tin foil on the bottle to protect it from light. Change every 3 days for ten days.  It won't hurt the other mouse.

Or you can watch and see. If it hurts her if you press near it; becomes puffy or red; or smells, that is infection and must be dealt with.

She should be fine.




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