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Mice/Mouse is looking thin and panting


Hello Natasha,

I was wondering if you could help me with a concern that I have? I'm a breeder, have been breeding mice for over 4 years, took a break from it but have gotten back into it recently. I can't stay away from the fury little guys. Both my males and females are kept in separate tanks, except for when I'm matching a pair up. I have more females than males and they all get along with each other. They're also treated as pets and not just as breeding stock, so they all have names.

My concern lies with Rascal. She's just over 6 months old, born November,20/12. She was from the first litter of Eleanor's, the mom I bought pregnant from the pet store. Anyways, Rascal hasn't been acting like her normal self for the past few days and I'm a bit concerned. She's looking thinner than she should, she's panting heavily, and she is looking bug-eyed (eyes bulging out). She is active, I do catch her walking about but not runner about like she normally does. She is still eating and drinking cause I catch her doing that too. I'm wondering if it's cause she is missing her sister, Hershey, that pasted away a week back. (They were the only two that survived out of the litter.) But she has plenty of other females to keep her company.

Your best thoughts on this matter would be of much help.

Dear Curtis,

Your little mouse is very sick. Among other possibilities, she may have a tumor or abscess in her  head. If it is an abscess she needs antibiotics FAST before she loses her eyes at the very least. If it is a tumor she must be put immediately to sleep.

Please bring her to the vet right away as an emergency. You need a 'pocket pets' or 'exotics' vet.

I wish her luck




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I can answer questions about raising mice and caring for them as pets, with knowledge from my 38 years of having fancy mice as pets. I have NO MEDICAL TRAINING and you should take a sick mouse to the vet; but if you simply can't, I will try to help you. I LOVE PHOTOS!!! I ALSO LOVE UPDATES! Let me know how the little tyke is doing later on, for better or worse, especially orphans. It also helps me to help the next person. Please first search first: use 'Natasha Mice Mouse' with whatever else your question includes. Or check out these links: **** YOUR FIRST MOUSE (my video; rough draft): **** TEN VIDEOS ON RAISING ORPHANS: **** SEXING MICE: **** And some GREAT MOUSE INFO SITES:


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