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QUESTION: Dear Natasha,

I too have recently found a small, baby field mouse running along a sidewalk in down town south Florida. I have been reading your posts about those who have found baby mice. Mine is very young, though not young enough to be with his mother. I took him to a pet shop, where they told me that he was a normal little field mice and should be ok for me to keep. They were also the ones to tell me that he was still very young.

I know the site you provided on one post says florida had one case of that ray disease... I fell in love with this little guy and want to keep him... But i also have an acre yard i can release him in(though is infested with snakes and i recentely found a hatched snake nest).... I can release him if his risk of disease is high and if he is too old to be domesticated...

I asked differet pet shops and got mixed reviews, same with the internet. If you can please help me with advise i will greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

ANSWER: Dear Nck,

The risk of hantavirus is extremely, extremely low. But not impossible.

I can't say zero chance because of course I would be open to getting sued, but I would definitely keep the mouse myself. If it is happy in captivity.

Squeaks n giggles,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Now what would mean for the mouse to be "happy in captivity"... I put him in a cage (one that was used in the past for a rat). This morning he was walking around/exploring the cage for a while. I saw him eat and drink and clean himself three times this morning, and he took about two naps it seems, and seems to move around the papertowels I tore up and put in the bottom.

Dear Nick,

Your mouse is happy. An unhappy mouse would spend its awake time trying to escape; and otherwise sleep in a hiding place. It would not allow itself to be handled.

If it is a wire cage, my guess is he can escape. Little wild mice can get through even cage bars intended for mice. Only a 3/16" spacing can keep a little guy like that in.

Have fun with him :)

Squeaks n giggles,



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