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Hello I will keep this short because it is dire. I believe Leo,my baby white footed, ust had a seizure. It took everything just to keep him breathing. His breathing almost came to a stop anhd I ended up blowing air into his nose which worked thahkfullh as his breathing picked up. He came very close to death ad I am terrified this will happe a AI when I am ot home. He is better ow, but he is stil havig problems walking ad staying upright. Eve though I am still afraid he will give me hantavirus, I am willih to put that aside to give him some form of CPR if his breathig ceases again. I have grown so attached to him and i would be destroyed if he were to die. If he has another episode, what would I do? My neighbor is a vet, but I do ot believe she is certified to work with mice. I appoogize for ay spellihg or word mistake, I am still practically having an anxiet attack as well as trying to eep a eye o Leo. I am trying to think of causes ad the oly one that comes to mid is that e got into some vegetable oil earlier that I had left uncovered. He wast sumberged or anything, ut he did get some oh him. Could this be a reaction? He is still having tghrouhbles,I am terrified he wot make it. Ghoig to monitor him all night. Will send updates. Thanks

Oh no :(

Trouble walking... He is such a little guy, how could he have a pituitary tumor so early? I think that may almost be the answer, though. He may have a brain tumor. Or-- something genetic.

I don't remember how you got him- but if he was abandoned, a health problem like this can be the reason. Mother mice know when there is something wrong with a pup and will abandon it rather than waste milk on it.

All you can do is hope, and keep him as happy as possible. What a sad thing.

I am sorry I don't have a happy answer...




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