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I recently orphaned a baby field mouse about 4 days ago. My dog had found a nest and it didn't en so well ,but I saved one little baby.The baby seemed to be around 2 weeks old and has fur with eyes open. I am nursing it on KMR, and has a box with a heating pad on low.I feed her every 2 hours and everything seems to be going good. I did my research and I found I should start weaning my mouse? I tried to offer it baby food, bird seeds but she will just ignore it and want milk. I dont know what to do. I dont really want to rush anything as I plan on keeping her. I am only 14 and I have no experience with mice even though I do love animals. Please help me for I want to save Maple.

Hi Jordyn,

Don't worry about weaning the baby. It will wean itself if you leave food in its cage. Mice with mouse moms don't stop nursing till three weeks, or even later. The reason people hurry is to stop having to nurse the mouse and get more sleep. You can cut back to every three hours, too. You can also soak a little rye crisp in formula in the cage, though you can't leave it in for more than an hour.

Enjoy the little tyke! She will be a loyal friend for (her) life. Thank you for saving her.

Squeaks n giggles,



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