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Hi Natasha,
I found a baby Kangaroo mouse this am...actually my dog did.  My dog did not hurt him....thankfully.
Its eyes are not open yet but he appears healthy and is active.
I put him in a cat carrier with baby blankets....i have a medicine dropper and put a drop of water near his mouth and he appeared to drink it ....he put his little paws to his face like he was going to wash his face put i think he drank the water from his front paws....I put some broken up bread to him but he did not eat.
i brought him to work with me (in my car but in underground garage so not hot)...and so i can go and check on him during the day and give him some water if needed.  I also put some of my rabbit pellets in with him in case but think he is way too young for that...

Question....what can i do for water/food /hydration etc. to keep him going?
I can get kitten replacement milk if that is needed.....and can also check at petsmart if they have any mouse food/seeds?
I have flax seeds for my horses so i can give him those but i really think he is a bit too young.

Thank you....:) Kim (in Los Angeles)

Dear Kim,

Oh, no! The little baby! It needs the kitten formula every two hours around the clock for the next week still! It can't eat anything solid. Poor little thing.

Get both kitten replacement milk and an electrolyte solution such as pedialyte. While the baby is still dehydrated you will want to use about 80% pedialyte and 20% KMR, reducing to 50-50 when the pup looks healthier.

The easiest way to learn is by watching  the ten videos about raising baby nice at the following link:

Here is a very good mouse site with a good article on raising little ones:

If you have any more questions, the easiest thing is to friend me on Facebook and let me out you on a message thread with other people who have successfully hand  raised baby mice and rats. I am then only Natasha Millikan on Facebook. Please tell me who you are :)

Of course you can also write back here.

Best of luck!

Squeaks n giggles,



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