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I found a mouse laying on the street by a parked car on july 21, and it barely would move. I checked back a few hours later and it moved, but now it was under my car. I bought it some carrots and apples and looked to be eating them. I decided to take it in. I took it to the vet this morning july 22. The vet said it was very dehydrated and put some fluids in it and gave me antibiotics to give it for 7 days (twice a day). The poor thing is still so lethargic. I gave the mouse some water via tube the vet gave me for the antibiotics. How much water should I give it and any other advice would be greatly appreciated. I've never owned a mouse and I desperately want this little survivor to live!

Thank you very much,

Hi Anita,

Poor little thing! And bless you for bringing it right to the vet :)

I would add a tinge of honey to the water, or honey and rice milk. Another option is some watered down soy baby formula. Both add just a few calories. On its own it can lick up some flavored soy yogurt. Ripe avocado is for a mouse to live and die for. Buttered popcorn, buttered scrambled egg, and bacon are irresistible too.

Offer it as much liquid as it will take, every two hours, until you see it drinking on its own. Lapping up soy yogurt is enough liquid once it has gotten over the first 24 hours or so.

Give the mouse the meds until you absolutely run out. One week is far too short; so many vets under prescribe. Just use it up.

Keep it warm. Cold kills a mouse more than illness, when it is ill. A sick mouse kept warm often survives. Depending on how tame it is, keep it in your hands/shirt. If it is comfortable there, it will learn that you are safe. Take a piece of clothing you have been wearing and put it in the cage with it.

The best cage for a wild mouse is a tank, because they are so small and escape even mouse bars. A wheel is a must. Toilet paper rolls too.

To get an idea of how to care for your new friend, watch this video I made:

And to learn how to make friends at whatever level of comfort it has when it is well:

Best of luck and have fun :)

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