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Mice/Should I give orphan field mouse a friend?


I rescued 4 baby field mice, three of which died.  The last one is doing very well and is about a month old now.  She is a female.  I wondered if I should go to a pet store and buy another female to keep with her or if she will be happy enough on her own.  I didn't really plan to start raising them but I have gotten attached to her now and want her to be happy.  If the answer is yes, how do I introduce them and does it matter what kind I get? Thank you so much!

Dear Kim,

She would like some friends. Get two little babies. There should be no issues with introductions but for good measure make sure the cage is completely clean and dab some *real * vanilla on their necks and rumps.

They may run around and squeak a lot at first, but they will be cuddling in no time.

I should tell you that a very careful mouse human quarantines mice from a pet store for two weeks to make sure the new mouse is not sick. I will leave that up to you. A real quarantine, however, should actually be in two separate buildings.

There are no different types of pet mice. They look different but they are all the same as the wild mice in your basment or attic-- house mice, or mus musculus.

Have fun with the little tykes!

Squeaks n giggles,


PS. Now that you know how to raise infant mouse pups, friend me on Facebook and I will add you to a thread to help people who are learning how. I am the only Natasha Millikan on Facebook; you will have to let me know who you are.  


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