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A few weeks I had to euthanize one of my pet mice. She had a large abdominal tumor and couldn't function any longer. Well now my other mouse nibbler is sad and all alone. I cannot get her another friend and wonder if I could possibly give her a toy mouse or tiny stuffed animal to nest with when she sleeps. She just looks so sad and lonely sleeping all alone with no one to snuggle with. When she's active she's fine. She's got a wheel, a tunnel, a spiral staircase to climb up and down so she stays pretty occupied but I can't stand to see her sleep alone. What suggestions would you have for my sweet nibbler?
Thank you for any advice you can give.

Dear Alison,

I don't see why not :) it is what people do for rats. You can just make one yourself - with rats people make it out of a sock but mice are too small for that. Just sew together a little mouse shaped blob of fleece and fill it with some of the bedding you take out of her cage when you clean. I made the mistake of making one with entirely new material, for a dwarf rat, and the second I put him in the cage, he went over to the nest, grabbed it, and threw it over the ledge.

Beat of luck to her :) and give her a ton of attention. Keep her in your sleeve or on your shoulder as you do other things,

I am sorry about the loss of your other mouse :(




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