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Mice/orphan baby gaping mouth during feeding is normal


I've been caring for a baby mouse for about 3 days now. Wild, and he has had quite the appetite. I wake up every 2 hours and feed him kmr. I also dilute it just a teenie bit with pedialyte since he seems a bit dehydrated. Up until recently like within the next feeding although it has happened a few times, he will feed and will open his mouth and keep it open. I panic and start rubbing him trying to stimulate him. He stops then continues eating just fine. But this feeding he has done it all 3 times of feeding. I'm using a paintbrush, its pretty tiny in size for bristles.. I'm not sure what's going on. Is there a way he isn't stimulated enough? I rub his belly and stuff to help digest and go potty. He is squirmy too. Is it possible he's just not hungry yet? Idk I'm really worried I hope he makes it. I even wipe the paintbrush off so there isn't much on it to begin with so he doesn't drink too much too fast.. I hope I get a reply. His eyes are still closed and he's just getting some tiny fuzz.. :( I'm terribly worried I can't think about even sleeping. Maybe he's not warm enough before the feeding? Ugh! Answer soon please . Thank you!

PS I read in one post of a similar question, I hope its not pneumonia!


Happily, since that answer, I have had a chance to check it out by talking to people.

***It is completely normal.***

If you are on Facebook and you friend me (let me know who you are) I will put you in a message thread with people who have raised these guys themselves. You can ask any questions there.

I am the only Natasha Millikan on Facebook.

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