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Mice/orphan mouse poops green


Hey, I have recently rescued four baby deer mice who had their nest destroyed. Whilst stimulating them to go to the bathroom, I noticed that some of the babies poop was green. Could this be caused by a bacterial infection? If so is there any way I would be able to treat it? The babies are furred but their eyes and ears are still closed.

(Ps: my original baby deer mouse Kinra has grown up to be a very happy, healthy mouse, as have the other three baby tame mice save for the one female who recently passed away due to cancer. Sorry it took me so long to respond it slipped my mind)

Dear Julia,

You are correct that green poop can mean infection. I am sorry it took so long to answer. I contacted the person who made the orphan videos, hoping that she had a solution, but she doesn't.

With no known solution, I would only be able to try a tiny bit of powder from a capsule of Tetracycline meant for fish, in her formula.

Are you on Facebook? There is a group of people who have raised or are raising orphan mice, including the woman who made the videos. Friend me and tell me who you are, and I can add you. Even if you don't *want* help, you can *give* it to others based on your experience with Kinra.

I am the only Natasha Millikan on Facebook.

I hope she is OK.




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