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Mice/Does pregnant mouse show after a few days?


QUESTION: hi, when does a pregnant mouse start to get big? thanks

ANSWER: Dear Hadley,

It depends on how many babies she is going to have. A mouse with one pup inside might never even show. A mouse with 16 pups is going to show during her second week.

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QUESTION: hi again,
my earlier question was related to the fact that I'm breeding my mice and don't say that u shouldn't breed your mice without experience cause I've bred them many times before, i also breed them for pets not for snake food. I'm attempting to breed splash with rosy, I'm not sure if rosy is pregnant she isn't big they've been together for a few days,she hasn't shown signs of pregnancy does this mean she won't breed with splash?splash is having no problems in fact he tried to mate with a bunch of my other females but rosy chased the females away so i took them out of the tank of course i wasn't surprised by that because she hadn't met them before, this is both mouse's first time being bred. should i breed splash with another female? or could she be pregnant?

Hi Hadley,

If they have only been together for a few days, you will not be able to see anything.

After only three days they may not even have mated.

As I said, a full litter might show during the second week. Nothing shows in the first week.




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