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Mice/Rats future uncertain


This is her rat named Dustin.
This is her rat named  
QUESTION: Dear Natasha,
Hey I think we all knew I'd have yet another question.
My life has been a mental and physical train reck ,but god made me learn alot from it  and you've been there most of the way....anyways on to the question. My cousin's new pet rat keeps biting her,yet with that when I came over to her  house to see what she was doing wrong to make Dustin bite her,but when I handled him for a bit he did not bite me and stayed calm in my hands ( it made me kind of feel like the rat whisper) but he was extremely skittish and jumpy;what can I tell my friend about her rat ?
Such as how to tame him,how to get her to bond with him,ect.
-Jada -

ANSWER: Hi again,

Here, from my group rats and Mice are Awesome :

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SITH Rattery: A Basic Guide to Socializing Rats by Positive Reinforcement frightened mouse

Good luck!

squeaks n giggles,


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These are my rats
These are my rats  
And again here\'s hers
And again here's hers  
QUESTION: Dear Natasha,
Thanks....I'll find a way to give her that info.....but I really don't think that Dustin is the problem I think it's Hannah(my cousin) in just a couple of hours the day I went over I did nothing but play with her rat......I think that's the main problem she only has one and she keeps talking about getting a snake and I said if she did I'd have to go an 'seise' her rat. He's really not that bad  of a rat I didn't get bit but once and it didn't even count it was a nibble he was hungry,he reminded me of what Justin (my rat) would of been like if I hadn't of handled him enough when we first got him and Toby.what is she doing different to get bit? I though we were doing the exact same thing,does her rat simply not like her, or am I missing something.
Just wondering, Jada
And it maybe because he's in a small cage it's actually a Guinea pig cage.


Wow it is horrible for him to live alone and that cage is not good; thank you for giving her the better cage. He will be friendlier when he has a friend because he will feel safer in general. It sounds like she doesn't know squat about rats. If you can take him and treat him well, that is great. If he bites her and not you, either he likes you better or she does not know how to treat him. All the biting rats I have helped or observed being saved, have turned out not to bite at all. I don't know what she is doing wrong. But the best way to get him may be to stress that he just has a personality that fits you or whatever, rather than point out that she is probably doing something wrong.

Either way, you have to make sure he gets a friend. And if possible, from a breeder. At least, if possible not from a pet store. There are tons of rats at shelters and in foster homes and they are far more friendly than pet store rats. Because they are loved. Tell me where you live and I will do my best to give you contact information for shelters and breeders near you. Surprisingly, well bred rats are usually not expensive. Breeders breed for the love of it.

The rat is definitely not happy where he is. Throw all of your love of animals into making sure he has a better situation.



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QUESTION: Dear Natasha,
She's getting rid of Dustin........and i can't take him,my mother said no.......and I think his future is incertain,and I don't know what to do I wish I could help her but I can't.....

Hi Jada,

Can you pressure her to tell the new owners they need two rats and a nice wire cage? I desperately hope he goes to a good home.

I am not sure you ever read the post I wrote to you about rehoming your rats early on. The information is still good, including that I may be able to help- but I won't do so without contact with your cousin.

Oh here it is:




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