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Mice/Sweet mouse suddenly bites


hi my mouse splash is by far my friendliest mouse and today i ad him and his friend out and he walked up and bit me then walked away then 1 min later he bit me so hard i was bleeding. why did he do this especially when he's never bitten me before?

Dear Hadley,

I can think of a few things. One, you had food on your hands that smelled strong enough to make him go for it... Twice. Two, something happened- you managed to hurt or scare him recently and he is still scared, which is what causes aggression. Or three, he is in pain. An animal in pain lashes out because it does not know where the pain is coming from.

I recommend he go to the vet for a thorough checkup. He may have something going on inside him.

Best of luck to little Hadley--




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