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Mice/Cage of mice dies/cage cleaned with chlorine hydroxide


HI,  I lost a whole cage of mamma and nearly grown babies after the cage was cleaned. Anything that could have prompted this mass death?  The cage had gone longer than I normally go before cleaning it but why did they die right away after the cleaning?  They seemed fine before that.

I used chlorine dioxide to clean the cage and accessories. That is used to clean produce and  rinsed and dried the cage.

The mice started just lying around limp and breathing hard, and died.  

Thanks and blessings,

Dear Olive,

I'm afraid that your mice have tragically been victim to the toxic political realities of American regulation: The purpose of the FDA is no longer to protect the health of the American people. Chlorine hydroxide is toxic. It is also used in tiny quantities, just like straight chlorine, to disinfect public water supplies; and it is used to bleach paper. I am so sorry you had to learn this the hard way. Your poor babies. I hope at least it didn't take long.

I don't even use soap sometimes when I clean the mouse stuff. But if you have a slightly more sensitive nose, you can use diluted Dr Bronners' liquid soap (not peppermint), straight or diluted white vinegar, or if you have to go commercial, Dawn dishwashing detergent (it is what they use to clean oil off of sea animals). Don't use anything where you would actually worry if your infant put it in her mouth. Mouse respiratory systems are very, very delicate. Think how very acute their sense of smell is. And they poison easily.

I am so sorry.




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