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Mice/Mouse Has a hump on her back and is weak on one side of her body?


QUESTION: So i have two mice and a week or two ago hershie(pet mouse) feel off her wheel and hit something kinda hard and she was dizzy but after that no whimps or signs of injury. But then about a week or two later, she has a huge hump on her back and is lethargic and is weak on her left side of her body. She wont get up to eat we have to put food in there so she will eat, and she does and drink too, but im worried sick and i cant go to the vets because were kinda tight on money right now could you diagnose maybe what to do for right now or maybe what to give her?
P.S we've given her a little of amoxcillian on grapes bread and even a tiny bit of peanut butter. Could she have maybe broken her back or maybe is it a cold or illness?
Much love,

ANSWER: Hi Haley,

Could you please send a photo? I am having a hard time imagining the hump.

In the meantime please get her some liquid children's ibuprofen for the pain she must be feeling, and probably has since the fall. Mice don't show pain. Give her one drop every 5-6 hours. If there is swelling inside it may help with that too.

It is not a broken back; nor as far as I can imagine an illness. I think it has got to be an internal injury which developed slowly. However, I am going to talk to some medical people-- vet techs and a vet-- to try to figure it out. But they won't be able to help much without a photo.

I hope you can send one quickly. Poor little darling. Can you send a photo of the wheel too? It breaks my heart that she could hurt herself that way.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

hershy, with a hump on her back area :(
hershy, with a hump on  
QUESTION: Oh and last night we gave her amoxcilian and her hump went down alittle bit.

It is hard to see the hump, so better photos later would be helpful. Is she mobile? Is she still weak on one side? Is the hump a lump on her spine? Is it symmetrical?

Continue with the pain meds every 5-6 hours. She may be in dreadful pain. Also keep up with the amox. One drop twice a day.

Let me know.




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