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Mice/Runaway update


Hi Tamarah,

Little Runaway he is doing ok, although he still bites the cage trying to get out, breaks my heart, he is not doing it as much but that could be because i added another tank and in between the two tanks i put the tubes where he has to climb up and then climb down with a few twists and turns. in the second tank i made it like a play room for him. tissue rolls a wheel and little pieces of paper towels he runs all over the place trying to hide them.

I think it is the best for him that he have two tanks, he had at least 3 weeks on the lam so he is probably use to running around the room - scaring my mother to death. he would run from her but then come and sit by my feet, literally.

I caught him eating and as silly as this might sound, he turns his back to me and wont let me watch him eat. even when i catch him biting the cage if he sees me looking at him, and the room is somewhat dark, he freezes, looking at me and doesn't move, and in his silhouette he looks like a little bear. He moves only after I pretend not to be looking at him. He is a silly little guy.

I was trying to give him a cracker through  an open door but he looked like a lion ready to pounce, so instead of opening the door i put the cracker through the crack of the door and he grabbed it viciously and then dropped it. I think he was looking for my finger :)

He goes to the outside wheel to groom himself and he is taking a few little jogs on it but nothing like my other little lunatics that run like little mad men. :)

His cage is in full few of the other kids so he can see their wheels spinning.

Thank you for the update!

It sounds like he is settling in well.  He will calm down over time, you just have to have a little patience with him.  How cute that he knows when you are watching him!  He sounds like a very smart little guy!

I had a mouse once who chewed on the bars and cage regularly just for fun.  She chewed the paint right off!  Mice love to chew, so maybe he isn't trying to get out so much as wearing down his teeth, which is a natural thing for mice.  Perhaps you can give him something wooden to chew on, or a little hidey hole so he can both gnaw and hide when he is feeling shy?



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