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Mice/separated female from mommy mouse



I got a Fancy mice who I thought was a male but turned out to be a female. I have a little house mouse who obviously was a male and managed to get in the tank with the little girl. I am the proud mommy mouse of 6 little bouncing mice. One escaped but he stays close to his mother and I am having trouble catching him, he is out smarting me, any suggestions I would appreciate.  

I split the boys up one at a time as they started to fight with each other 4 little boys and 1 little girl and 1 little boy named Runaway. but I think i made a mistake on one little mouse who I think is a little girl,who is named Filbert. The mommy -Princess- and the little girl-Pumpkin- are together_ I would like to send you a picture of the one I think is a girl and if he is. Can I put her back with her mommy? They were born Nov 4th. or is it too late?

I know you say people have trouble raising half Fancy/ half mouse but I have one going on 3 years. and he did try to nip me for over a year. I always let him think he was a Fancy Mouse, but he isn't. Its amazing when you give him the mini chocolate teddy grams how nice he became and is now one of the sweetest little mouse I have. They are worth keeping, a lot of work but worth every minute and they do come around.

Appreciate any input

Hi Leah,

And mice are the species where the babies to be proud of are *actually* bouncing!

You can put any females together at any age and expect very little chance of a problem. Yes you can send me a photo to identify. I think I am going to go "on vacation" (stop getting questions for a while) so you will have to use a followup to this or one of the other two.

I will have to remember that about the chocolate teddy grahams! What is the story on that guy?

I hope Filbert is not living with the boys! Though if she is, I have been wondering about the genetic patterns of second generation wild/tame mice. You must write back if that happens!

I will answer the other as soon as I have answers from a few people, but the way it is looking now might be a vet visit.




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