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Mice/Skinny/sick mouse?


I have a female mouse that I got from Zamzows, she seemed to be fairly far along in age.
I've had her for like three weeks or so and she seems like she has lost an extreme amount of weight.
I don't know if she's eating or drinking, she doesn't seem to be really active at all.
I've noticed some runny bowel movements but the other female thats with her thats pregnant looks to me to be in perfect health, so I don't think its something contagious.

Her fur seems rough, like she's not grooming but her eyes don't really look watery to me...

I saw in a question you answered, you said that they have a genetic disorder where they waste away? But, all the last mice I got from Zamzows also began to lose weight and then their legs stopped working right it seemed...

If you have any idea what it could be please help..
I don't have any pictures of her.

Hi Liz,

I am not a vet or anything like it but I am consulting with a vet tech who is very helpful. And I am really glad I did.

She says it may be parasites, especially since they came form the same store-- and the pet store needs to be informed of this. Of course if they are sold as feeders, the pet store won't care. :( Because of the diarrhea she is dehydrated and malnourished. Diarrhea can actually kill a mouse.

It is easy enough to take care of the parasites. The same medication which kills mites and other external parasites, Revolution, on other pets, also kills internal parasites, and also in mice. It is so easy. Just a drop on the skin on the  back of the neck (do not rub it in) and don't let her wash for ten minutes; treat *all* of the mice; and deep clean everything in the cage. It works for a month and really should just take care of the problem.

The only issue is that Revolution is prescription-only. Some vets will let you buy a kitten dose without a vet visit. Of course if you want to bring her in to an experienced rodent vet, that is even better. Or maybe you are another pet owner you know either has some on hand or can get it from their vet with no trouble. I know of a place in Australia which sells it to us OTC but it won't come fast enough if it is going to cost less than a vet visit, if that was the point.

The strength you want is cat/kitten/puppy. Not dog. Or rather, with cat/kitten/puppy you would use a medium drop; for dog a small drop.

ALSO you have to deal with how she is sick right now. She needs some high calorie food such as dry cat food, scrambled egg, and yogurt; and to drink give her pedialyte.  Vitamins would be good too; maybe vitamin water.

The very best of luck and health to her. Please let me know how she does. And do tell the pet store.




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