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Mice/Orphan mouse sore and swollen bum


Sore bum
Sore bum  
Hello, Please help! I found a baby orphan mouse 3 days ago and I have been reading your questions and answers trying to learn about how to best take care of him,  I think it's a him?
His parts are red and swollen? I know I have to help him poop and pee but today recently I have noticed the irritation and it's obviously painful since he started crying the last time I fed him? I don't want to hurt him and I've become very fond of "Indiana Jones" so If you have any suggestions I would really appreciate your help!!
I was also wondering how to tell if he is really pooping I'm not sure. It's kind of yellow? I'm thinking maybe he has a bladder infection?

Kristina Miller

Hi Kristina,

If the poop is sludgy or solid, even if it is loose, it's not urine.  Yellow, loose stools are common with a switch from momma's milk to kitten or puppy formula, and mean you need to watch him closely for dehydration.  Sometimes you can help calm down an upset tummy by laying him down in the warmed enclosure after a meal and gently, very very lightly stroking your forefinger and thumb down his sides from shoulder to hip on either side for a couple of minutes.  This can help move his digestive system along and calm down gas pains.

It does look a little irritated/swollen, but it is hard for me to tell since I didn't see what he looked like before.  When you stimulate him to go to the bathroom, what do you use?  Try using a cotton ball dipped in warm water and squeezed out, and try dabbing instead of rubbing (as long as he can still potty this way).  Be sure all skin and fur is clean and completely dried (again, by dabbing, not rubbing) before you feed him, and before you put him back in his enclosure after a meal.

What makes you think he might have a bladder infection?  Is he urinating regularly, and is the urine a consistent color?  Have you ever seen any blood or signs of other problems in his pee?

Best of luck, and please feel free to ask a follow up and I can continue to help!


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