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QUESTION: Hi Tamarah, just letting you know all the kids made it to their first birthday! All are healthy except the little girl has a open wound on her face that comes and goes, and it looks like the mommy to all the kids is a little sluggish and slowing down a bit. But her little girl brings her paper towel pieces and makes her bed for her and they snuggle together. I know it sounds weird but when the little girl looks at me I feel like she is tring to tell me something. The mommy use to come and see me, but she seems frieghtned and runs to the other cage, she use to eat in front of me now she goes to the corner of the tank and eats facing the wall. She even took a nip at me and that has never happened before. She was always so friendly.She is not that much older then the kids I only had her a month when she gave birth and she was so small. This is the mommy of the half and halfs ...Filbert the lion, Igor, Ollie, Squeekers, Runaway and the little girl Pumpkin.
My fancy mice Mickey, Peepers, Beebles, and Rummy are holding their own ,slowing down a bit they  are around a year and a half. But seem healthy, Rummy comes out to play now, he's my little chubby.
Can't thank you enough for helping me keep my little guys healthy so they get to live long. Just hope maybe you may have an opinion on if there is something wrong with the mommy.

ANSWER: Hi Leah,

It's great that they are doing well!

What do you mean about the wound that comes and goes? That sounds worrisome. No injury or break to the skin should be chronic. Is she fighting?

I'm guessing the mom and little girl live together and alone? Do you see any symptoms of illness? Does mom scuffle with her daughter when they are not napping? Anything in her environment that could be stressing her?

Let me know and I'll do my best to help you figure out what's bothering her.


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QUESTION: I noticed it on Igor, and I gave him the Aleve crushed in his water for one day and Then I got the the trytracycline I had nothing at the time and I didn't know if Igor was in pain, he seems ok , but Yesterday I noticed Filbert has it too,it looks like a snake bite with just the one hole the fang would make its the best way I can describe it. Filbert is so evasive he use to be like his brothers and charge the door when it's feeding time, he looks like a little lion his hair never grew back, I peeked into his cheese house and it's right at the neck, right were Igor had it and now Filbert and the little girl pumpkin has it.  You can see it looks like an open wound. But not bleeding or red just the color of their skin. Almost like a little hole.

I can't tell if filbert is in any pain when I get to the door he bolts into the tube where the two tanks connect, I know he hasn't been on the outside wheel I marked it and it hasn't moved, he just seems to be in his cheese house where he took all the bedding and pushed it out so he is resting on the bottom of the tank with nothing under his tummy. He use to run on his wheel all the time.

The boys all live in their own cages.

The mommy and her little girl were always close, the mommy like over night is dragging herself I almost thought it was a little limp but it's on and off, the mommy use to sleep with her little arm on the little girls back. But sadly they don't always sleep together like before. The mommy was always so friendly and she seems to take off when she sees me and she waits for the click of the door and she goes for her food. I'm kind of sad to see her eat alone, and sleep alone to. And the little girl. When I am present will not come out at all so I pretend I leave the room where I know she can't see me and I watch. And she comes down to her mommy the rub up against each other, the mommy eats and the little girl rides  the wheel that is in the same room as the mommy. They kind of do their own thing, but I have never seen them fight or chase each other aggressively.  But the little girl is sad and I'm not sure because of the wound or maybe something is wrong with her mommy.
The mommy appears not to climb very well anymore and she doesn't move around the tank like she use to.
Tamarah, I don't think this is old age because she eats well the only thing I wasn't sure was was she drinking so I put a little drinking bowl and I noticed she doesn't drink from the bottle but from the bowl? She can get down a tube it just seems like she is scared to go down and goes back and forth before she gingerly comes down.
I can't bare the thought if something happens to the mommy that she will be all alone. Or he other way around.
I know it's a lot Tamarah and the kids have been good, I am hoping you can help them

It's pretty tough for me to understand what you're trying to describe.  Can you please send me a photograph?  I thought the little girl had the wound - they all have it?  Is it scabbed or weeping at all?  I'm having a really hard time picturing it, so a photo would help me out a lot.

Be cautious using a bowl - they tend to get dirty VERY quickly (by litter getting kicked in), and if they spill or tip over the bedding can get very cold, wet, and smelly.

I'm sorry, I want to help more, but until I can understand exactly what is going on with who, there isn't very much I can tell you.  With regards to the momma - what do you mean that she's dragging herself?  Can you list out all of her symptoms so I can help you figure out if she is sick or depressed?

Thanks Leah!


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