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Pumpkins face
Pumpkins face  
Tamarah I finally was able to get a picture of it, Igor and filbert have the same right around the same place igors seems to be going away, the mommy isn't sleeping with her.

She seems very uncomfortable, she is such a beautiful little mouse I hope you can help her. She eats and drinks and runs around but the two of them don't stay together anymore.


From the picture, it looks like that bump (it looks like a bump - where is the hole?  Is it behind/above that bump?) could be a wart, pimple, scab from a bite, bug bite, or irritation from scratching at an injury, but there is no way for me to definitively diagnose that, or say that it isn't something else.  I know I've suggested multiple times visiting a vet, but I can't remember if there was some reason you could not.  Truthfully, this is a point at which any of your mice with various issues could benefit from just one group visit.  Since this isn't something I can easily identify, I'm not sure I can do much but to try to help *you* figure it out, and strongly encourage you to see a professional.

The fact that they are all located in the same place means there is some cause that all three share.  Look around their cages for clues - dusty bedding?  Spacing of the bars, where they may be rubbing their faces on the same surface repetitively?  What is different for any other mice that do not have the bump?  If any of the injuries are open, you can use triple antibiotic ointment (just a tiny dab, smallest amount you need) to keep debris out of the spot until it heals, but since you said they were skin-colored and not discharging anything, I'm not positive that will do much.  If they are all related (I'm sorry, it's getting tough to remember who is related to whom), it could also be a genetic thing, only, of course, if it is not irritated/discharging/swollen.  If they are not socializing anyways, maybe you could try moving Pumpkin to her own cage and see if it goes away?



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